Mr. David Brown:

Q: Did you ever protest the Vietnam War?                                                                       A: Yes, in 1970, I protested the Cambonian Crisis at the University of Southern California (USC).

Q: Would you consider yourself as a hawk or a dove?                                                    A: I was a dove.

Q: What did you think about John F. Kennedy? Where were you when he was assassinated? What do you remember about that day?                                                  A: He fascinated me all my life. I was at school in Los Angeles, California. We watched it the follow up on the news television at school. I prayed for him and that he would live. Everyone wanted to kill whoever had killed him.

Q: What did you think of Richard Nixon?                                                                          A: I thought he was an intagonistic enemy. I am a Democrat, I may have voted for him in 1972 because Nixon was making success to end the war. In 1974, when I heard of the Watergate tapes, I lost respect for Nixon. I heard parts of the tapes and found Nixon to be terrible.

Q: Did your community ever receive benefits from Lyndon B. Johnson’s Great Society? A: Many of my friends got summer jobs and my mom was a checker.

Q: Did you ever see evidence of racism in your community?                                           A: Yes, I lived in a white community. My stepdad was racist, although my mom was not racist.

Q: What do you remember about the moon landing in July of 1969?                              A: I was cruising in the car with my friend Terry in Hamborough, California and we heard about it on the radio. We felt excited and I remember thinking, “Wow, that’s amazing a man is on the moon at this very moment.”


Mrs. Joann Bishop:

Q: What did you think about John Kennedy as president?                                             A: I admired him. He inspired the populace and had new ideas.

Q: What do you remember about Lyndon Johnson?                                                         A: Lyndon Johnson got us more involved in the Vietnam
war and he started the Great Society which was welfare. Lady bird Johnson, his
wife, had a job to landscape and beautify the freeways.

Q: What was your reaction to the Watergate Scandal?                                                    A: One of unbelief. I just kept getting worse and worse and eventually brought down
president Nixon.

Q: What do you recall of Richard Nixon?                                                                          A: He went to our college, Whittier College. And he was paranoid. His big project was
to establish relations with China.

Q: Were you a hawk or a dove?                                                                                         A: I was a dove.

Q: Where were you when JFK was killed? How did you hear? What was your reaction? What were the following days like?                                                                                  A: I was teaching first grade in Whittier and I came into the teacher’s lounge
during break and it was on television. My reaction was horror and disbelief that
someone would kill our president. We were glued to the television set watching the
funeral and the news and the aftermath. There was 4 days of disbelief.


Mr. Al Bishop:

Q: Where were you when JFK was killed? How did you hear? What was your reaction?A: I was standing at lunch duty at Warren high school in Downey. Someone told me
while I was out there. I was shocked and I didn’t know who was the Vice President
was and anything about him (laughing). I was teaching geography at the time. It
was not an honorable war.

Q: What do you remember about the Vietnam War?                                                        A: I considered it a very unpopular war. I was in the Marine reserves and I was very
glad that I didn’t have to go to Vietnam. Because I felt that if I went to
Vietnam that I wouldn’t have come back. The war shouldn’t have been fought.

Q: Were you a hawk or a dove?                                                                                        A: A dove. I was a marine.

Q: What do you recall about Nixon?                                                                                A: Nixon’s nickname was “Tricky Dick” and it was a perfect description of Richard Nixon. Obama fits into the Nixon image. The same could be said about him. He is a liar and a cheat.

Q: Did you ever see evidence of racism in your community?                                           A: Very much when I was younger. But it has decreased in time. Some of the most racist people I have known were blacks.

Q: Do you think Lee Harvey Oswald acted on his own in the assassination of John F. Kennedy?                                                                                                                         A: No, I don’t. And being somewhat familiar with firearms, I don’t believe the shots he made were possible on Kennedy at the distance with a scoped rifle.


Mrs. Angie Salvi:

Q: What did you think about John Kennedy as a President?                                           A: He was presented as a wonderful person with a wonderful attitude.  Young people followed him and he had great charisma.  Though, as time went by we learned his politics weren’t as great.

Q: Tell me about your reactions to the Cuban Missile Crisis.  Were you afraid?             A: We spent a lot of time in front of the television.  Yes, I was afraid and Nonno (husband) was in the National Guard and we were afraid he was going to be called to duty.  But everything worked out for the best.

Q: Where were you when JFK was killed? What do you remember about that day and subsequent days?                                                                                                            A: I was home with my two little girls.  I was in a state of shock and was very sad.  We were all in disbelief because violence didn’t happen as much as it does now.  Kennedy was welled loved by most of the country and world and in the next days we had great admiration for Mrs. Kennedy and the family.  After Oswald got shot it was like starting over with new pain because we had no answers and it was very unsettling.

Q: Did you agree with the Vietnam War?                                                                         A: Not really.  I am not very political but I wondered why we were there.  Why are we sending our young people across the world to die for something not affecting us.

Q: Do you remember anyone from your town or school that was killed or was missing in action in Vietnam?                                                                                                            A: No, not personally.

Q: What type of music did you listen to during the 60s and early 70s?                            A: Pop music and ballads.  I was never into the hard rock, but I did listen to the Beatles and Neil Diamond.

Q: What was your reaction to the Watergate Scandal?                                                   A: In my family Nixon was not a popular president.  We were shocked that a president of his credentials would stoop that low to have people spy and the worst part was he tried to cover it up.

Q: Did you ever protest the Vietnam War?                                                                       A: No.


Mr. Robert Sickmeier

Q: Do you remember the Robert Kennedy assassination?                                                          A: Yes, I remembered him as a “white Martin Luther King.” Their whole family was very powerful and the fact that he wanted equality scared whites. My family was personally sad when this happened.

Q: What type of music did you listen to in the 60s and 70s?                                                      A: I listened to Rock and Roll all the time, I loved the

Q: Did you know people who did drugs in this era?                                                                      A: When I was young in Newport Beach I would see a lot of hippies. And in college the disco thing was popular and cocaine was very much used.

Q: What do you remember about the moon landing in July, 1969?                                          A: I remember being at school and watching it on a T.V. they rolled into our classroom. It was unbelievable, and I was scared at the time for the man up there, I thought that he might not survive.

Q: What did you think of Richard Nixon?                                                                                       A: Before the Cuban Missile Crisis, I thought he was very smart because of the fact that he saw China as an asset. I thought he had good intuition and strategies. But after the crisis, I lost respect for him and it just made you think that you couldn’t trust politicians; they thought they were above the law.


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