The era between 1963 and 1975 was a time of change and can provide many lessons for us today. First, the Vietnam War was very controversial, and shows us that a war is unpopular for both sides. One big lesson that should be taken into consideration today is to never enter a war without an exit strategy. This mistake caused the loss of many lives for both sides fighting this war. President Nixon and the Watergate scandal taught us that no politician is above the law, and that we need to carefully monitor their actions. Also, the press plays a large role in bringing scandals to light. The counterculture of the era shows us the negative effects of drug use and made us more educated about the disasters that drugs cause. Drug use makes people lazy and causes them to lose sight of the importance of work and family. Lastly, civil rights can teach us that with determination and will, any problem can be fixed. And we should be grateful for the equal opportunities we have today because of the work of this era.


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