Sittin’ In

Without these rights we cannot be                                                                           Looked at with equality                                                                                                      We will sit-in                                                                                                                    And will not leave                                                                                                          Until our rights have been achieved


Freedom in Fire

We’re on our ride to freedom                                                                                         The bus will take me there                                                                                                Bombs of fire will not stop us                                                                                       Though its deadly we don’t care


Freedom and Equality

Not fully accomplished,                                                                                                    the two words that still stand,                                                                                          the rights of the blacks controlled with reprimand.                                                          the dream of equality may still be seen,                                                                         but not through their eyes,                                                                                               the grass is not green.


Will Power

Our fight for rights will not end                                                                                       Until our colors unite and blend.                                                                                    The power of many is so strong,                                                                                     To push for the idea that we belong.


No Sense is Nonsense

Without my rights I will not hide                                                                                       To the jail I show my pride                                                                                                I’ll take my child to the white school                                                                               Your screaming defines you as a fool


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