Political Cartoons

"Open The Door Richard!!"

This cartoon depicts Nixon’s stubborness with the House Judiciary Comittee after the Watergate Scandal. Nixon attempted to cover up his involvement along with the Nixon Administration after they broke into the Democratic National Committee headquarters. President Nixon had tape recordings of conversations about the scandal. As shown in the cartoon, Nixon tried to hide the tapes, but the Supreme Court ruled that Nixon must show the tapes. The tapes proved Nixon’s attempt to conceal the scandal. President Nixon then resigned on August 9, 1974. The overall attempt to hide this event goes to prove that the United States president’s are not truly honest and may be hiding more information than their country’s people believe.

Onward and Upward and Onward and --

The U.S. began bombing Vietnam in 1965 in efforts to get N. Vietnam to speak of peace. This idea didn’t work out because the vienamese didn’t back down. This led the U.S. to increase the amount of bombings  to try to force a compromise.


Vietnam War

This political cartoon shows how many resented how the government was spending so much on the Vietnam War. While most of the money went to aid the war , the rest of America seemed to be ignored.


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