The Great Society

The Great Society aimed to bring the country back on its feet, though not perfectly. This philosophy seemed temporary in some ways, yet we still incorporate these principles today. Overall, this vision was supplemental to the American society.

Many benefits were provided for the American public during Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidency. The numerous programs included Medicare, Medicaid, Head Start, and VISTA. Medicare was provided to the elderly through social security to provide health insurance. Medicaid was a health insurance policy that was available for citizens living below the poverty line . Head Start improved education for children with disadvantaged circumstances. VISTA was a domestic peace corps group that put young people with skills and community minded ideals to work in poor neighborhoods and rural areas to help people overcome poverty.

Overall, President Johnsons Great Society proved to be a failure. Although Johnson meant to help out by putting money towards helping citizens, it made many people lazy or undetermined to work. Unlike the New Deal, the Great society handed out money instead of having people work for it. The people who were hard workers had to pay taxes to support those who weren’t working themselves.


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